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is Ilonggo word for abundant. Plentiful. Rich. It is a fitting name for a white beach, cove resort. Bugana, fair and abundant in marine life, diverse species of fish and corals, ever flowing spring water.

Up in its limestone hills are caves and crannies to explore, home to various wildlife. Bugana where fireflies glow at night, spontaneous concert of birds and insects can be heard, and divers find treasure trove of sunken ship.


Sipalay–born in the wanderings of Bornean datus hundreds of years ago; rejuvenated in the flight of Visayan freemen in the 1800s; nurtured in struggles to be independent by the ancestors of those who still try to do public good to this day– has never been a stranger to hard times. Twelve years ago when the woes of the municipality seemed without solution, the people of Sipalay, like their forebears, rose again to the occasion and, with indomitable spirit, strove to overcome. And overcome they did.

“Sipalay got its name from the old native phrase si palay meaning there is rice.“

Campomanes Bay

has an Ecoport which caters to medium-sized sea craft. The bay has an enclosed shape and the islets that dot the bay entrance provides the port with calm waters even in bad weather. The entrance of the bay has a wide expanse of corals and shipwrecks MS Jojo and SS Panay make the Campomanes Bay an excellent dive site. This marine protected area is popular among divers because of the corals and WWII shipwreck SS Panay

Our Resort

The sleek, modern architecture soothes the eye and mind; its bare, simple forms define the space, unifying the forest with the sea, the beginning of your holidays.

Spacious rooms and villas, large common areas, a big pool, white sand beach, airy restaurant and lounges: the Bugana Beach and Dive Resort Experience is designed to give you and your loved ones the space you need to breathe, to relax.

Our Team.. Your Family